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    Switching from Internet Explorer to Firefox

    If you are a Windows user then it is possible the only web browser you know about is Internet Explorer. You may have started hearing information about the various other browsers available for you to switch to. Your reasons for wanting to switch can be varied. Some want to switch to another browser out of curiosity, others for certain features, and many for the enhanced security. Many of you may find this task of switching browsers to be daunting and therefore never make the attempt to switch. This is the farthest from the truth and there is no reason you should not try out another browser and feel comfortable doing it.

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    Enhancing Firefox with Add-Ons

    Firefox supports small programs, or plug-ins, that add extra functionality to the browser. These programs are called Add-ons. These programs can add a myriad of features ranging from a new toolbar button, a menu option, or even add games to the browser. A large benefit of this Add-on model is that it allows the web browser itself to stay small and efficient, while allowing the end user to add new programs to it as they are needed. If a user wants a new feature that is supported in an Add-on, they simply download it and install it into their browser. If they no longer want this Add-on then they can easily remove it.

  • How to Repair Internet Explorer 6 and Outlook Express Image

    How to Repair Internet Explorer 6 and Outlook Express

    There are times when Internet Explorer 6 or Outlook Express will start crashing or producing errors for no apparent reason. You have cleaned out all Spyware and have had it verified at a Spyware Removal section, yet the problems still persist. Below we have outlined some methods of repair or reinstallation of Internet Explore 6 and Outlook Express. In some situations these methods will fix the problems you are having with these applications and other times it will not.

  • How to move Internet Explorer Favorites to another computer Image

    How to move Internet Explorer Favorites to another computer

    One of the most frustrating tasks a non-technical user may run into is getting a new computer and having no idea how to move their old data to it. In this tutorial we will go over how to move your Internet Explorer favorites from one computer to another in a simple and easy to understand manner so that you have one less headache to deal with in these situations. For this tutorial we will use a floppy to transfer your favorites to a new computer though you can use other mediums such as a recordable CDROM.

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    Managing your Internet Explorer Temporary Internet Files

    Every time you visit a web page Internet Explorer makes a copy of the content of these web pages as files on your computer. These files are called Temporary Internet Files and are used to allow for faster displaying of web sites that you visit. Depending on the setting, when you visit a web site Internet Explorer will compare the content of that web site with the information stored in the Temporary Internet Files and only download the content from the Internet if it has changed. This enables you to browse the web much quicker because you do not have to download these files.

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