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    All about Networks

    With so much of Computer use these days revolving around the Internet and communicating with others, its important that you understand what exactly a network is. Without networks, all communication between your computer and other computers whether it be instant messaging, email, web browsing, or downloading music could not be achieved. This tutorial will strive to teach you about networks and their importance. We will also explain the equipment necessary for you to set up a network in your home. When you are done with this tutorial, you will hopefully have a much greater knowledge of how the world of computers work.

  • Windows Forensics: Have I been Hacked? Image

    Windows Forensics: Have I been Hacked?

    One of the top questions I see on forums is "How do I know if I have been hacked?". When something strange occurs on a computer such as programs shutting down on their own, your mouse moving by itself, or your CD constantly opening and closing on its own, the first thing that people think is that they have been hacked. In the vast majority of cases there is a non-malicious explanation for these problems such as faulty hardware or problematic software, but it is better to be safe than sorry for not investigating deeper. Unfortunately, the vast majority of computer users have no idea how to go about determining if their computer is hacked. It is for these people, that I am writing this tutorial.

  • Windows Alternate Data Streams Image

    Windows Alternate Data Streams

    Anyone who is in the security arena should know about Windows Alternate Data Streams, otherwise known as ADS. Though not highly publicized, lack of this little known attribute of the Windows NTFS file system may affect how you solve a problem in the future.


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