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  • Black Ruby Ransomware Skips Victims in Iran and Adds a Miner for Good Measure

    A new ransomware was discovered this week by MalwareHunterTeam called Black Ruby. This ransomware will encrypt the files on a computer, scramble the file name, and then append the BlackRuby extension. To make matters worse, Black Ruby will also install a Monero miner on the computer that utilizes as much of the CPU as it scan.

  • The DXXD Ransomware displays Legal Notice before Users Login

    Since the end of September, the DXXD Ransomware has been targeting servers and encrypting their files. In the past, Michael Gillespie was able to create a decryptor based on the encrypted files that were submitted to his ID-Ransomware service, but this was short lived when the developer modified the encryption algorithm.


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