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  • Privilege Escalation Bug Found in Popular VPN Clients

    Vulnerabilities in NordVPN and ProtonVPN clients allow an attacker to execute code on the affected computer with the rights of an administrator.

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    Get 66% off ProtonVPN Plus Subscriptions Deal

    This deal offers discounts of up to 66% off a ProtonVPN 2 year or 1 year subscription. With over 144 servers in 17 countries, if you are looking to stay anonymous while using the Internet or need to use services that may be georestricted, ProtonVPN may be a good choice for you.

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    • August 10, 2018
    • 06:50 AM
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  • ProtonMail Launches Free ProtonVPN VPN Service For Macs

    The creators of the encrypted email service, ProtonMail, have released a free version of their ProtonVPN VPN software for macOS. Even though the free version does not contain the full features that you would come to expect from a paid VPN service it is more than capable of obfuscating IP addresses and your location.

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