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  • SNDBOX - an AI Powered Malware Analysis Site is Launched

    Today at Blackhat Europe, a new malware analysis service was unveiled called SNDBOX that utilizes artificial intelligence and a hardened virtual environment to perform static and dynamic analysis of malware samples.

  • New Reports Show Increased CyberThreats, User Risks Remain High

    Two new reports from eSentire and Proofpoint show that that as online threats remain an issue, user security leaves much to be desired. The mismatch between the danger of cyberthreats and lack of user readiness could leave individuals or businesses at risk of serious losses to data or property.

  • VirusBay Aims To Make Malware Analysis More Social

    For those looking to learn about and share malware samples, a site called VirusBay may be what you are looking for. VirusBay's goal is to make malware analysis more social by providing a place for researchers to upload samples, request samples, and discuss them with other researchers. 

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