If you use Mozilla it is now even easier to search our startup database!

If you are a user of a Mozilla based web browser, whether that be Netscape, Mozilla, or Firefox, then we have some tools that make it extremely easy to search our database; even when you are not visiting Bleeping Computer.

Mozilla Startup DB Search Plugin

Firefox Search

Mozilla/Netscape Sidebar Search

Install the Startup DB Search Plugin Today!

With the Bleeping Computer Startup Programs Database Search Plugin you can search our database of over 7,000 files from any location on the web.

Simply install the search plugin and use the Firefox Search Box or the Mozilla Side Bar as shown on the left to search our database at any time you wish.

If you wish to add similar sidebar search functionality like Mozilla's to Firefox then you can install the following extension:

FireFox searchsidebar

So what are you waiting for?

Install the Startup DB Search Plugin Today!

Bleeping Computer Mozilla Sidebar

The BC Mozilla Sidebar allows you to get information about the latest topics at Bleeping Computer and search our forums and startup database when visiting other sites. This allows you to stay up to date on the information at Bleeping Computer while browsing the web. To install this feature simply:

Add the Mozilla Sidebar Now!