Name Filename Status Description
WinResSync %AppData%\Microsoft\Protect\ X This is a startup entry for the BlockAdsPro clicker Trojan. This infection will make constant connections to remote hosts in order to generate advertisement revenue for the developer. It should be noted that C:\Windows\System32\regsvr32.exe is a legitimate Windows program and should not be deleted.
SystemTools SystemTools.exe X Added by the SystemTools.exe Clicker Trojan.
msiql msiql.exe X Added by the Msiql.exe adware. This adware will display various sites and advertisements in your default browser.
File Helper fhelper.exe X Added by the MoneyFriend adware.
geforce_amd86 geforce_amd86.exe X Added by the Geforce_amd86.exe Trojan.
mediatek_86 mediatek_86.exe X Added by the WindowService Trojan. This Trojan is used to send information back to remote servers.
Zaxar Games Browser.lnk ZaxarLoader.exe X Added by the Zaxar Games Browser potentially unwanted program
QIPApp QIPApp.exe X Added by the QIPApp Adware.
Mp3tagApp Mp3tagApp.exe X Added by the Mp3tagApp Russian adware program.
NoterSave NoterSave.exe X Added by the Noter Save adware.
Cred. Manager wcredman.exe X Added by the SavingsCool PUP.
OptimizationManager roptman.exe X Added by the SavingsCool PUP.
Windows Event Log Management wuauser.exe X Added by the Adylkuzz Mining Trojan.
Microsoft Security Center (2.0) Service mssecsvc.exe X Added by the WannaCry ransomware.
NetAdapterService service.exe X Added by the NetAdapter PUP.
drmkpro64 ndistpr64.sys X Added by the SmartService rootkit. This program is part of a kit that blocks security software from running. When you attempt to run the software, an alert will be displayed that states "The requested resource is in use.".
HPWombat Service HPWombatSrv.exe X Added by the HPWombat home page hijacker.
beautify.exe.lnk beautify.exe X Added by the Beautify Desktop Wallpaper PUP.
Spoutly.exe SpoutlyLauncher.exe X Added by the Spoutly PUP.
bebcabb0835d4a72de8d5a43abc501c1 Sys.exe X Added by the FlowSpirit potentially unwanted program.
urlspace jingling.exe X Added by the FlowSpirit potentially unwanted program.
CNminer CNminer.exe X Added by the CNMiner Monero mining Trojan.
setupsk_upd X Added by the Setupsk adware.
setupsk X Added by the Setupsk adware.
YeaDesktop YeaDesktop.exe X Added by the YeaDesktop adware.
UpdaterLong WinUpdaterLog.exe X Added by the Fleercivet has also been found being installed along with it.
oblmdeamkbjhajjnfhicnbeaaehdganb X Added by the Truthful Tests in Mini-Version Adware Extension.
Playthru Player PlaythruPlayer.exe X Added by the Playthrue Player adware.
apss3dlg aeevtall.dll X Added by the Ursnif data-stealing Trojan and keylogger.


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