Trump Twitter account deleted

A rogue Twitter employee deleted President Trump's personal Twitter account on his last day as a customer support rep for the social network.

The incident took place Thursday afternoon, and most Twitter users jumped to the conclusion that Trump's staff finally managed to convince the President to give up his ill-advised Twitter rants.

Twitter's staff realized what happened and intervened to reinstate President Trump's account soon after. All in all, Trump's Twitter account was down for 11 minutes.

The social network was upfront about the incident and revealed that a rogue employee on the last day of his job was the culprit.

The incident also drew a reaction from Trump.

The incident also happened at a time when Twitter — along with Facebook and Google — was under heavy scrutiny from US authorities for the role it played in delivering Russian propaganda via sockpuppet accounts and paid ads to US users during the 2016 presidential election.

In the meantime, the Twitter employee's actions on his last day of work produced a flood of Internet memes.

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