Nvidia noise removal results

Researchers from NVIDIA, Aalto University, and MIT have developed an AI algorithm, first of its kind, that can remove noise and artifacts from images without having to look at clean photos in advance.

In a research paper published last week, researchers say they trained their system with tens of thousands of other grainy photos.

This resulted in the creation of an AI algorithm that doesn't need to know what a "clean" image looks like to reconstruct photos to their original state.

"Without ever being shown what a noise-free image looks like, this AI can remove artifacts, noise, grain, and automatically enhance your photos," researchers said.

Nvidia noise removal

Researchers say their algorithm can be used to denoise old grainy photos, remove text-based watermarks, clear up medical MRI scans taken with undersampled inputs, enhancing astronomical photography, and denoise synthetically-generated (Monte Carlo) images.

Academics say that the training of such an algorithm takes similarly to what it would take to train an algorithm with clean images, providing no overhead for those interested in applying this method.

Previous Nvidia AI work

This is not the first time NVIDIA's research team has been behind impressive research. In April, NVIDIA and other researchers created another AI-based algorithm that can reconstruct images from which large chunks of content has been removed.

In May, NVIDIA and other fellow researchers created an AI algorithm that can teach robots to do various tasks just by observing a few repetitions by human workers.

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