Facebook Jobs

Facebook rolled out today a new section on its mammoth site, a section where users can find jobs and businesses can advertise job openings.

Aptly named "Facebook Jobs" the feature is already available to everyone, on both Facebook's website and via its mobile apps.

New Jobs section for Facebook's 2.2 billion users

Facebook boasted to have over 2.2 billion monthly active users at the end of 2017, and a large number of those users will likely look for one or more jobs at some point in their lifetime.

The social network wants to keep those users on the site, and it may have a real advantage over LinkedIn. That advantage is in the form of "ease of use."

It has been known for years that setting up a LinkedIn profile can sometimes be cumbersome and even after you manage to craft a nice LinkedIn page, the site will bombard you to death with countless of notifications each day.

Despite this, LinkedIn (now part of Microsoft) has maintained its position of supreme leader over most other job-seeking portals, mostly due to its massive size.

But Facebook is much much larger than LinkedIn (500 million total, 100 million monthly active users) and is now making applying for a job much easier, without the need to create a new resume.

Facebook will auto-populate resume fields

"When you're ready to apply for a role, you can create an application, which will populate with job history and other information in your Facebook profile," Alex Himel, VP of Local at Facebook said today.

"You can edit your application before you submit it," he said. "Businesses will only be able to see information you provide them directly, and what’s available publicly on your Facebook profile."

Once a user submits an application, Himel says Facebook will automatically open a private conversation with the company's Facebook profile, so the applicant can confirm his resume was received, ask for additional details, or even continue with a mini-interview, via phone or video call.

The entire process has been well thought through by the Facebook team to reduce the hassle of applying to new jobs to as few clicks as possible.

Users can subscribe to a company's Facebook page to get new job alerts, while businesses will be able to advertise new job openings on their official page, in the dedicated Jobs dashboard, in the Facebook Marketplace, and in their followers' news feeds.

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