Zuckerberg announcing Facebook Dating feature

At the F8 Developer Conference that's taking place these days in San Jose, California, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a new product called Facebook Dating.

As the name obviously implies, this is a match-making feature built right into the Facebook platform itself.

Facebook finally admits its true role in life

Zuckerberg, and later Chief Product Officer Chris Cox, explained, the new feature will only be available for Facebook users with a relationship status of "single."

These users will be able to create dating profiles that will be independent of their regular Facebook profiles, and will not show up for friends and family members.

Zuckerberg said the Dating feature would be opt-in (disabled) by default, not available for quick hook-ups, but instead for configured for building meaningful relationships only.

For example, one of these settings is that Facebook Dating will use a text-only instant messaging service that won't support image sharing or video calls to prevent harassment or inappropriate images.

Cox said this instant messaging client will work separately from the native Facebook Messenger client and WhatsApp service.

Facebook Dating will integrate with other Facebook features

While the two Facebook execs didn't go into too many details, nor did they provide a date when the Dating feature will be broadly available, Cox touted the Dating feature's deep integration with Facebook Events.

For example, Cox says that Facebook users participating in various events could "unlock" (activate) their dating profiles and meet other single people attending the same meeting/party/event.

Facebook Dating app mock-ups

In the aftermath of the huge Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal, Facebook's decision to launch a Dating product isn't as crazy as people might think.

Third-party dating apps are some of the biggest hoarders of Facebook user data. By running its own dating service, Facebook fixes two main issues —it cuts off third-party services from accessing highly sensitive user data, and also keeps users longer on its site and app.

According to journalist Taylor Kerns, Match Group's stock price plummetted 22% following Facebook's announcement. Match Group owns Match.com, but also Tinder, a match-making mobile app that's built around Facebook data.

Below is a YouTube video of the F8 conference keynote. Zuckerberg talks about the new Dating feature at the 26:00 mark, while Cox's take is at the 54:00 mark.

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