Comcast Outage Map

Comcast Xfinity Internet service is down in large areas of the US due to unknown reasons, according to multiple online reports.

The issue appears to affect only the Xfinity Internet service, and not telephony or cable services.

According to, a popular website where users go to report Internet problems, reports came from all over the country, with the most affected areas being Mountain View, Portland, Denver, Chicago, Seattle, New York, San Francisco, Houston, Minneapolis, and Boston.

The issue didn't affect only home users, but also business clients as well, with the outage impacting various Internet services, such as Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, and others.

The outage started at around 1 PM, EST. The company admitted the problem and said it's working to fix the issue. It did not provide a deadline.

Comcast Nov 6 outage reports on DownDetector

Tens of thousands of users filed reports on the DownDetector website, showing the massive scale of the problem.

Some users reported slow Internet speeds, while others said Internet connectivity was down altogether.

Unofficial reports blame the problem on a BGP routing issue [1, 2, 3].

Update: Comcast claimed on Twitter it fixed the outage, but users are still reporting connectivity issues.