When macOS Mojave was released earlier this month, one of its prettiest features was something called Dynamic Desktop. This feature changes your desktop wallpaper as the day progresses to one of 16 images of the same Mojave Desert scene that reflects your computer's current time.

When developer Timothy Johnson saw this feature, he decided he wanted to write a similar program that would work with Windows 10. Thus the WinDynamicDesktop project was born.

"When the Dynamic Desktop feature was announced for macOS Mojave which shifts through 16 images of the same desert scene taken at different times of day, I wanted to write a Windows program that would do the same thing," stated Johnson on the project's Github page. "Windows has the ability built-in to cycle through different wallpapers, but only at regular intervals, not based on the times of sunrise and sunset. This program adds that feature for the Mojave wallpapers to the Windows desktop."

When a user installs WinDynamicDesktop, the program will ask what location the user lives in. It then uses this information to determine what the correct sunrise and sunset times are for your location so it can show the proper images. It then downloads the 16 high definition images used by the macOS Mojava Dynamic Desktop feature and causes Windows to cycle through them throughout the day.

You can see a demonstration of how the program looks as it shifts through the various images during a single day below.

WinDynamicDesktop allows you to use your own images

While Johnson has told BleepingComputer that he does not intend to bundle any other themes with WinDynamicDesktop, he did say that users can easily create their own themes if they wish.

To do this, users should first create or find different images of the same location throughout the day. They then can create a image.conf configuration file and store it in the same folder as the WinDynamicDesktop executable. In this config file a user can list the images that should be used and optionally a location the images can be downloaded from. WinDynamicDesktop will then use these images instead of the default Mojava Desktop ones for your desktop wallpaper.

You can see the default config below, which can be used as a template when creating your own.

  "imagesZipUri": "",
  "imageFilename": "mojave_dynamic_{0}.jpeg",
  "dayImageList": [
  "nightImageList": [

More details on what each variable in the image.conf file can be found in the project's Readme.

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