Mozilla engineers have launched three experimental features today named Send, Voice Fill, and Notes.

All three are part of Test Pilot, a Mozilla program that allows users to test experimental features by installing a special add-on. The Test Pilot add-on lets users select which of the Firefox features they want to test. Features that receive positive reviews will be embedded in the Firefox core.

Besides the three features announced today, the Test Pilot program also includes other experimental features named Containers, SnoozeTabs, Pulse, Min Vid, Page Shot, Activity Stream, and Tab Center.


Probably the most interesting and useful features of the three announced today is the one named Send. As you might imagine, this is a feature related to “file sending.”

Users can share files by accessing and dragging a file on the page. Firefox encrypts the file on the user’s computer and the encrypted file is uploaded on Mozilla’s server.

The browser then spews out an URL that the user can share with his friends. The catch: the file can be downloaded only once, and then it’s deleted from Mozilla’s server.

Voice Fill

The second experimental feature is not that new and groundbreaking. It’s a simple add-on that adds voice search capabilities to various online websites.

For now, the Voice Fill add-on allows users to voice-fill search fields on websites such as Google, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo. Mozilla promises to add support for more websites in the future.


The third and last new feature is called Notes and is a simple sidebar notepad.

There’s nothing special about this one, which seems to be inspired by a native Vivaldi feature. Existing Firefox add-ons like QuickNote provide a similar feature, even with more customizable options.

Basic formatting options are available to stylize text and make it pop.

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