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In a bizarre sequence of events, after the CRM software company Zoho was taken offline by their domain registrar, they posted to Twitter asking for help getting their service back up and running again. When Zoho customer's contacted TierraNet, they were told the CRM service was taken down due to phishing violations.

According to tweets from the Zoho Twitter account and from Zoho CEO Sridhar Vembu, the domain was taken offline by their domain registrar TierraNet and were not able to resolve the outage via TierraNet's support and were being refused access to the executive team.

So Zoho reached out to their followers for assistance in getting through to the TierraNet executives so they could help them get online again.

This is where things get a bit bizarre.

As Zoho customers started contacting TierraNet, the registrar replied that Zoho was taken offline for not taking care of abuse notices that TierraNet sent them regarding phishing emails. 

This reply can be seen in a support chat request posted on Twitter as shown below.

Response from TierraNet
Response from TierraNet

Zoho CEO Sridhar Vembu, though, stated that their have only been 3 complaints in 2 months, with 2 of them being resolved and one currently being investigated.

"There were a total of 3 complaints in 2 months and we took action on 2 of them immediately and one is pending investigation," Vembu stated in a tweet. "We serve 40 million users. 3 complaints in 2 months."

TierraNet ultimately enabled the domain again, but customers are obviously angry and confused that something like this could happen in the first place.  It has also been noted that it is strange that TierraNet even disclosed information about one of their customers to a third-party.

BleepingComputer has reached out to both Zoho and TierraNet, but have not received a response at the time of this publication.

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