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A Manchester judge spared a UK teen who was behind a large number of DDoS attacks of any prison time, sentencing the youth to 16 months detention, suspended for two years.

The teenager is Jack William Chappell, a 19-year-old from Stockport, a small town southeast of Manchester.

Teen helped build DDoS-for-hire platform

UK police charged the teen in late June 2017 on accusations of running a DDoS-for-hire platform that was used in the previous two years to launch DDoS attacks on targets such as NatWest, T-Mobile, EE, Vodafone, O2, BBC, BT, Amazon, Netflix, Virgin Media, and the UK's National Crime Agency (NCA) and Janet educational network.

Police accused the teen of creating malware that helped set up an Internet-spanning DDoS botnet.

Initially, it wasn't known what DDoS platform Chappell worked on, but more details became public three weeks later when the teen pleaded guilty.

Chappell was one of the vDOS staffers

According to UK officials, Chappell was an admin on vDOS, the Internet's largest DDoS-for-hire platform until September 2016, when Israeli police shut down the service.

Chappell didn't create vDOS but only worked there. vDOS' owners are Yarden “applej4ck” Bidani and Itay “p1st” Huri, both formally charged by Israeli authorities in August this year.

Chappell had apparently started working with Bidani and Huri when he was 15-years-old, where he helped maintain the service and the underlying botnet.

Besides helping run vDOS, he also used the service to launch his own personal DDoS attacks on targets such as the UK JISC Janet educational network and Manchester College, where he was a student at the time.

Chappell's defense told the court the teen, who suffers from autism, had been exploited by his employers and that the teenager had only been "mischievous," but not malicious.

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