SunTrust Bank

US-based SunTrust Bank said it is working with law enforcement after it discovered that a former employee had stolen private information belonging to nearly 1.5 million customers.

"In conjunction with law enforcement, we discovered that a former employee while employed at SunTrust may have attempted to print information on approximately 1.5 million clients and share this information with a criminal third party," SunTrust CEO William Rogers said in a press conference on Friday.

Rogers said the employee is no longer working for the bank.

SunTrust believes exposed information includes customer names, addresses, phone numbers, and certain account balances.

The Bank said passwords, social security numbers, account numbers, IDs, or driver's license numbers weren't exposed.

"We and third parties have done forensic analysis on these accounts and we have not identify significant fraudulent activity regarding the effect of the accounts," Rogers said.

Despite this, the Bank is now offering identity protection for all current and new consumer clients at no cost on an ongoing basis. The service is provided via Experian IDnotify and clients can log in to online banking at to enroll.

Rogers also apologized to customers on behalf of the institution. SunTrust is based in Atlanta, is the US' 12th largest bank, and most of its customers are based in US southern states.

Image credits: Mike Mozart

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