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The "No More Ransom" project, set up in July by Intel Security, Kaspersky Lab, Europol, and the Dutch National police to help victims of ransomware infections, has expanded today with 34 new partners, and 32 new decryptors that can help ransomware victims unlock their files for free.

The project launched on July 25 and it was an obvious clone of the ID-Ransomware service launched in April by Michael Gillespie of the Malware Hunter Team.

While initially the service wasn't quite up to par, misidentifying some ransomware infections here and there, things eventually got better, and the team behind No More Ransom made their first headlines when they've released free decryptors for the Shade and Wildfire ransomware families, during the fall.

No More Ransom adds extra infosec and law enforcement firepower

Now, guided by Europol and antivirus industry veterans such as Intel (McAfee) and Kaspersky, the project announced new members today.

Bitdefender, Check Point, Emsisoft and Trend Micro are now associated partners, a title reserved for companies that directly contribute to the development of new unique decryption tools and decryption keys.

As such, the No More Ransom project has expanded with 32 new free decryption tools to add to the existing nine.

On top of these, the project also expanded with a few supporting partners, which are private companies or public organizations who offer their time and resources to help promote No More Ransom at national and international level. The list includes:

Association for Preventing and Countering Frauds (APCF)
BH Consulting
CECyF (Centre Expert contre la Cybercriminalité Français)
Cylance Inc.
FS- ISAC (Financial Services – Information Sharing & Analysis Center)
G DATA Software AG
Heimdal Security
Ukrainian Interbank Payment Systems Member Association (EMA)
CERT-EU (Computer Emergency Response Team for the EU institutions, agencies and bodies)
IRISS CERT (Irish Reporting and Information Security Service)
CIRCL.LU (Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg)
SI-CERT (Slovenian Computer Emergency Response Team)

Europol has also used its influence in other countries to convince several law enforcement agencies to join the No More Ransom project, in an attempt to bring together and coordinate efforts to take down ransomware operations. The new law enforcement members, besides Europol and the Dutch National Police, are:

eu-LISA (the European Agency for the operational management of large-scale IT systems in the area of freedom, security and justice)
Austrian National Police
Croatian National Police
Danish National Police
Finnish National Police
Maltese National Police
Romanian National Police
Singaporean National Police
Slovenian National Police

"Both the private sector and law enforcement are stepping up efforts to fight these cybercriminals who are using ransomware to deprive their victims of large amounts of money," Europol said today. "However, awareness remains key to preventing ransomware from being successful."

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