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TeslaCrypt (.VVV, .CCC, etc Files) Decryption Support Requests

New TeslaCrypt version adds .VVV extension to encrypted filenames

A new version of the TeslaCrypt ransomware has been released that for the most part is identical to previous versions. The most notable difference is that this new version adds the .vvv extension to encrypted filenames. Other changes include new ransom note filenames and different TOR payment site gateways. The new names for the ransom notes are in the format how_recover+abc.html and how_recover+abc.txt.

The .VVV version of TeslaCrypt cannot be decrypted for free

Unfortunately, this version of TeslaCrypt cannot be decrypted for free without the private key that is known only to the TeslaCrypt developers. If you have been infected by this version of TeslaCrypt, at this time the only way to recover your files is through a backup or by paying the ransom. 

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