A new ransomware has been discovered called the Radamant Ransomware Kit that encrypts your data using AES-256 encryption and requires you to pay .5 Bitcoins, or approximately $230.88 USD, to get your files back. It is currently unknown how this particular ransomware is spreading, but will be installed from the %Temp% folder as a .tmp file, which may indicate that it is being installed via an exploit kit. When the infection has finished encrypting your files it will display a web site that displays information on how to pay the ransom. This site is the Command & Control server for the ransomware and is hosted on the domains crazytrevor.com or crazytrevor.in. For those who have become infected with this ransomware, you can use the Radamant Decrypter by Emsisoft to decrypt your files for free. You can get support on using this tool in the Radamant Ransomware Kit Support Topic.

When the Radamant Ransomware is first installed, it will copy of itself to C:\Windows\directx.exe and create some autorun registry keys to make the infection start every time you login to Windows. It will then scan all drive letters on your computer for files that match certain file extensions. When it has found a targeted file, it will generate a unique AES encryption key and encrypt the file with it.  This encryption key will then be encrypted by a Master key and embedded into the encrypted file. When a file has been encrypted the ransomware will add the .RDM extension to it.  When the ransom first starts, it will query the mask.php script on the Command & Control server for the list of extensions that it should target. The current list of file extensions that the Radamant Ransomware targets is:

1cd, dbf, dt, cf, cfu, mxl, epf, kdbx, erf, vrp, grs, geo, st, pff, mft, efd, 3dm, 3ds, rib, ma, sldasm, sldprt, max, blend, lwo, lws, m3d, mb, obj, x, x3d, movie.byu, c4d, fbx, dgn, dwg, 4db, 4dl, 4mp, abs, accdb, accdc, accde, accdr, accdt, accdw, accft, adn, a3d, adp, aft, ahd, alf, ask, awdb, azz, bdb, bib, bnd, bok, btr, bak, backup, cdb, ckp, clkw, cma, crd, daconnections, dacpac, dad, dadiagrams, daf, daschema, db, db-shm, db-wal, db2, db3, dbc, dbk, dbs, dbt, dbv, dbx, dcb, dct, dcx, ddl, df1, dmo, dnc, dp1, dqy, dsk, dsn, dta, dtsx, dxl, eco, ecx, edb, emd, eql, fcd, fdb, fic, fid, fil, fm5, fmp, fmp12, fmpsl, fol, fp3, fp4, fp5, fp7, fpt, fpt, fzb, fzv, gdb, gwi, hdb, his, ib, idc, ihx, itdb, itw, jtx, kdb, lgc, maq, mdb, mdbhtml, mdf, mdn, mdt, mrg, mud, mwb, s3m, myd, ndf, ns2, ns3, ns4, nsf, nsf, nv2, nyf, oce, odb, oqy, ora, orx, owc, owg, oyx, p96, p97, pan, pdb, pdb, pdb, pdm, phm, pnz, pth, pwa, qpx, qry, qvd, rctd, rdb, rpd, rsd, sbf, sdb, sdb, sdb, sdf, spq, sqb, stp, sql, sqlite, sqlite3, sqlitedb, str, tcx, tdt, te, teacher, tmd, trm, udb, usr, v12, vdb, vpd, wdb, wmdb, xdb, xld, xlgc, zdb, zdc, cdr, cdr3, ppt, pptx, 1st, abw, act, aim, ans, apt, asc, ascii, ase, aty, awp, awt, aww, bad, bbs, bdp, bdr, bean, bib, bna, boc, btd, bzabw, chart, chord, cnm, crd, crwl, cyi, dca, dgs, diz, dne, doc, doc, docm, docx, docxml, docz, dot, dotm, dotx, dsv, dvi, dx, eio, eit, email, emlx, epp, err, err, etf, etx, euc, fadein, faq, fb2, fbl, fcf, fdf, fdr, fds, fdt, fdx, fdxt, fes, fft, flr, fodt, fountain, gtp, frt, fwdn, fxc, gdoc, gio, gio, gpn, gsd, gthr, gv, hbk, hht, hs, htc, hwp, hz, idx, iil, ipf, jarvis, jis, joe, jp1, jrtf, kes, klg, klg, knt, kon, kwd, latex, lbt, lis, lit, lnt, lp2, lrc, lst, lst, ltr, ltx, lue, luf, lwp, lxfml, lyt, lyx, man, map, mbox, md5txt, me, mell, min, mnt, msg, mwp, nfo, njx, notes, now, nwctxt, nzb, ocr, odm, odo, odt, ofl, oft, openbsd, ort, ott, p7s, pages, pfs, pfx, pjt, plantuml, prt, psw, pu, pvj, pvm, pwi, pwr, qdl, rad, readme, rft, ris, rng, rpt, rst, rt, rtd, rtf, rtx, run, rzk, rzn, saf, safetext, sam, scc, scm, scriv, scrivx, sct, scw, sdm, sdoc, sdw, sgm, sig, skcard, sla, slagz, sls, smf, sms, ssa, strings, stw, sty, sub, sxg, sxw, tab, tdf, tdf, tex, text, thp, tlb, tm, tmd, tmv, tmx, tpc, trelby, tvj, txt, u3d, u3i, unauth, unx, uof, uot, upd, utf8, unity, utxt, vct, vnt, vw, wbk, wbk, wcf, webdoc, wgz, wn, wp, wp4, wp5, wp6, wp7, wpa, wpd, wpd, wpl, wps, wps, wpt, wpw, wri, wsc, wsd, wsh, wtx, xbdoc, xbplate, xdl, xdl, xlf, xps, xwp, xwp, xwp, xy3, xyp, xyw, ybk, yml, zabw, zw, 2bp, 0,36, 3fr, 0,411, 73i, 8xi, 9png, abm, afx, agif, agp, aic, albm, apd, apm, apng, aps, apx, art, artwork, arw, arw, asw, avatar, bay, blkrt, bm2, bmp, bmx, bmz, brk, brn, brt, bss, bti, c4, cal, cals, can, cd5, cdc, cdg, cimg, cin, cit, colz, cpc, cpd, cpg, cps, cpx, cr2, ct, dc2, dcr, dds, dgt, dib, dicom, djv, djvu, dm3, dmi, vue, dpx, wire, drz, dt2, dtw, dvl, ecw, eip, erf, exr, fal, fax, fil, fpos, fpx, g3, gcdp, gfb, gfie, ggr, gif, gih, gim, gmbck, gmspr, spr, scad, gpd, gro, grob, hdp, hdr, hpi, i3d, icn, icon, icpr, iiq, info, int, ipx, itc2, iwi, j, j2c, j2k, jas, jb2, jbig, jbig2, jbmp, jbr, jfif, jia, jng, jp2, jpe, jpeg, jpg, jpg2, jps, jpx, jtf, jwl, jxr, kdc, kdi, kdk, kic, kpg, lbm, ljp, mac, mbm, mef, mnr, mos, mpf, mpo, mrxs, myl, ncr, nct, nlm, nrw, oc3, oc4, oc5, oci, omf, oplc, af2, af3, ai, art, asy, cdmm, cdmt, cdmtz, cdmz, cdt, cgm, cmx, cnv, csy, cv5, cvg, cvi, cvs, cvx, cwt, cxf, dcs, ded, design, dhs, dpp, drw, drw, dxb, dxf, egc, emf, ep, eps, epsf, fh10, fh11, fh3, fh4, fh5, fh6, fh7, fh8, fif, fig, fmv, ft10, ft11, ft7, ft8, ft9, ftn, fxg, gdraw, gem, glox, gsd, hpg, hpgl, hpl, idea, igt, igx, imd, ink, lmk, mgcb, mgmf, mgmt, mt9, mgmx, mgtx, mmat, mat, otg, ovp, ovr, pcs, pfd, pfv, pl, plt, pm, vrml, pmg, pobj, ps, psid, rdl, scv, sk1, sk2, slddrt, snagitstamps, snagstyles, ssk, stn, svf, svg, svgz, sxd, tlc, tne, ufr, vbr, vec, vml, vsd, vsdm, vsdx, 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html, xls, xlsx, csv, xlsm, ods, xhtm

During the encryption process, the Radamant ransomware will also issue a WMIC command to clear the Shadow Volume Copies on the infected computer. This is done to prevent the user from using them to recover their files. The command that it uses to delete the copies is:

process call create "cmd.exe /c vssadmin delete shadows /all /quiet"

When the ransomware has finished encrypting the victim's files it will create a file called YOUR_FILES.url, which when opened will launch a browser and bring you to the ransomware's C2 servers located at crazytrevor.com or crazytrevor.in. The page that opens will provide information on how much to send, how long you have to send it, and what bitcoin address the ransom should be sent to.  A screenshot of the site is shown below.

The HTML ransom note broken into two parts. You can click on them to see the full version.

While the ransomware continues running in the background, it will periodically check the C2 server to see if a payment has been made. If a payment has been made the program will automatically begin to decrypt your files.

As already stated, this ransomware will remove the Shadow Volume Copies so that you unable to restore your files through previous versions or ShadowExplorer. You may, though, be able to retrieve some of your files using a file recovery software like R-Studio or Photorec. If you are able to do so, please let us by leaving a comment. 

Based on the use of the word kit in the programs name, it is possible that this ransomware is part of an affiliate program or a purchased kit. If this is the case then we will be seeing more examples of this type of infection coming out as more criminals purchase it. If any new information is unearthed regarding this, we will be sure to post it here.

Files associated with the Radamant Ransomware Kit:


Registry entries associated with the Radamant Ransomware Kit:

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\svchost	C:\Windows\directx.exe
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\svchost	C:\Windows\directx.exe


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