On Wednesday, November 29, a Kansas City court sentenced a Missouri man to six years in federal prison without parole for hacking his former employer, stealing trade secrets, and for accessing child pornography.

The man is Jacob Raines, 38, of Parkville, Missouri, who worked as IT manager for American Crane & Tractor Parts (AC&TP) in Kansas City from July 2004 until March 28, 2014, when he resigned his position.

New sysadmin catches former sysadmin stealing files via FTP

According to court documents obtained by Bleeping Computer, his former employer brought in a new IT manager to replace Raines after he left.

When the new manager took over his position, he deleted Raines' old credentials for AC&TP's network. The new IT manager also received Raines' old computer.

On May 19, 2014, while using this computer, the new sysadmin noticed that someone had logged into the PC and started an FTP transfer, moving files to an off-company server.

AC&TP notified authorities and a subsequent forensic investigation revealed that Raines logged into his former computer via RDP three times, on May 16, 18, and 19, with the purpose of stealing some of his former employer's source code.

Investigators said Raines didn't try to hide his location, as an IP trace led them back to his AT&T home connection.

FBI has a surprise when searching Raines' home

FBI agents executed a search warrant at Raines' home on April 2, 2015. While they found evidence of Raines stealing AC&TP source code files, to their surprise, they also found forensic evidence suggesting Raines had accessed child-abuse images.

Agents found more than 7,000 image files and three video files of child pornography on a Memorex DVD. In addition, one of Raines' computers contained evidence he used file-sharing peer-to-peer software to search for child pornography content.

Another of Raines' computers contained further evidence. Investigators found over 3,900 thumbnail images and 260 icon images of child pornography in the hard drive's unallocated space.

Further, they also found over 6,000 additional images and 25 videos in the unallocated space of a third hard drive that was found in Raines' house.

Raines pleaded guilty in May this year.

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