Ukrainian man caught selling company database for $4,000

Officers from Ukraine's Cyber Police Department arrested a suspect last week for attempting to sell customer data belonging to his former employer.

The suspect tried to sell nearly 100 GB of data he obtained from a financial company that offered loan services to Ukrainian citizens.

Officers said the suspect was able to obtain the information while he worked for the unnamed financial company. The man told police he used a vulnerability to gain access to the company's database, from where he stole the data.

According to a police report, the data contained sensitive information on the company's customer base. After leaving the company, the suspect put an ad on the Internet advertising the data.

The man had intended to sell the data to a representative of one of his former employer's competitors. He asked for $4,000 for the data.

Police arrested the man in Kiev, Ukraine's capital, following a sting operation. Police seized the man's computer equipment and filed charges according to the local criminal code.

Police did not release the man's name but released this redacted photo following the man's arrest.

Photo of the suspect released by Ukraine police

Last week, Ukrainian police also arrested a university professor who utilized his institution's resources to mine for cryptocurrency using several mining rigs he set up at his university office in the city of Lutsk, Ukraine.

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