Verelox statement

Verelox, a provider of dedicated KVM and VPS servers based in The Hague, Netherlands, suffered a catastrophic outage after a former administrator deleted all customer data and wiped most of the company's servers.

Details of what exactly happened aren't available, but according to posts on various web hosting forums [1, 2, 3], the incident appears to have taken place yesterday, when users couldn't access their servers or the company's website.

Verelox's homepage came back online earlier today, but the website was plastered with a grim message informing users of the ex-admin's actions.

Following the incident, the hosting provider decided to take the rest of its network offline and focus on recovering customer data.

Verelox estimates it will be back online this week. The company promises compensation for users who still want to remain their customers after this unfortunate event.

Customers asked to reset server passwords

The hosting provider is asking users to reset all server passwords after service is restored. Verelox staff don't believe they can recover all data.

Nevertheless, the hosting provider has provided an email address where customers with important data can contact staff and inquire about the status of their files.

During this downtime, the company said servers will not be billed and all client accounts will be frozen.

Verelox did not respond to a request for comment from Bleeping Computer in time for this article's publication.

Here's how Verelox website used to look before the incident.

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