New updates are available for Adobe Acrobat, Reader and Flash Player that resolve numerous security vulnerabilities.  These 2 updates resolve a whopping 69 vulnerabilities, with many of them being labeled as critical.  These vulnerabilities range from information disclosure to remote code execution. It is recommended that all users of these products upgrade Flash, Reader, and Acrobat immediately.

The security update for Adobe Acrobat and Reader, labeled APSB15-24, fixes 56 vulnerabilities, with 19 of them leading to possible remote code execution. Remote Code Execution is where an attackers develops a special web page that when visited attempts to exploit this vulnerability to install and launch malware on your computer. These are obviously the most dangerous vulnerabilities because once an attacker has planted software on your machine; they theoretically could have full access to it going forward. The security update of Adobe Flash Player, labeled APSB15-25, fixes 13 vulnerabilities, with 11 of them being code execution vulnerabilities.

The updates for Adobe Reader can be found here.

The updates for Adobe Flash can be found here.

Get updating!


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