Intermedia report

A survey of more than 1,000 office workers carried out by business cloud services provider Intermedia has revealed that 59% of employees that had their computer hit by ransomware paid the ransom demand out of their own pockets.

Only 37% said their employer paid the ransom. The same study reveals the average payout was around $1,400.

Shame, embarrassment cited as main reason

Employees cited shame and embarrassment over falling victim as the primary reasons. Most hoped to pay the ransom and decrypt company data before everyone else discovered the incident.

The study did not explore this topic further, as it would have been interesting to discover if companies would have held employees responsible for the damage or the employee overreacted to an incident usually covered by cyber-insurance policies.

In hindsight, this is a bad decision, as previous studies revealed that in one out of five incidents crooks don't provide a way to recover the ransomware-locked data.

Most employees receive some cyber-security training

The same Intermedia study also revealed that 70% of office workers received training for dealing with cyber threats, and 30%  were made aware of the recent WannaCry ransomware outbreak.

31% of respondents also admitted to not knowing about ransomware before participating in cyber threat training sessions. Some of the survey's other results are listed below. The survey's results are available here and here, complete with infographics and charts.

☠ Ransomware ranked second (29%) behind hardware failure (30%) as biggest threat of data loss.
☠ 78% of male workers said they knew what ransomware is.
☠ 60% of female workers said they knew what ransomware is.
☠ 86% of office workers feel confident they can detect a phishing email.
☠ 21% of office workers admitted to falling for phishing emails.
☠ 34% of owners or high-execs admitted to falling for phishing emails.
☠ 25% of IT workers admitted to falling for phishing emails.

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