Blu Life One X2 smartphones

An Android update that Blu shipped to Blu One Life X2 smartphones yesterday, November 28, has locked people out of their phones.

On forums, Reddit, and Blu's official Facebook page, users are complaining that after applying the update and rebooting the device, their phone won't recognize their password, PIN code, or pattern lock, even if users are 100% sure they are entering the correct data. Bleeping Computer has independently verified this bug.

"I updated my BLU Life One X2 around 2 hours ago. It asks for a password in order to access Android," said one of the Blu users facing this problem. "I am completely locked out of my phone. Ever single password used is marked incorrect.

After ten "failed" login attempts, the user's data is wiped from the device, according to the standard Android OS behavior.

Blu is aware of the problem

"We are currently investigating and trying to fix the issue," a Blu support staffer said. "We apologize for the inconvenience."

In the meantime, the company's advice to ailing customers is to reset the device to factory settings, which is kind of pointless, since this also implies that the user will be losing his data.

Users who performed a factory reset confirmed the issue is resolved afterwards and they can get into their phones.

Blu exploring various fixes

A user who spoke with Blu tech support said the company is currently exploring an option to perform a remote rollback of the faulty OS update. Another option on the table is to provide the update rollback file as a ZIP that users could install on their phones via other methods, albeit this might be too complicated for some.

Blu also told customers it stopped shipping the faulty update after getting reports of the current issue.

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