Firefox Focus

Mozilla launched today Firefox Focus for Android, a brand new mobile browser for Android that comes with a stripped down minimal interface, a built-in ad blocker, and an always-on "private browsing" mode.

The Android version comes eight months after Mozilla launched Firefox Focus for iOS, back in November 2016. Mozilla engineers say they decided to release an Android version after the overwhelmingly positive response they received after the iOS version.

The Android version of Firefox Focus is identical to the iOS version, featuring the same simplistic design that doesn't feature too many GUI elements.

In fact, the Firefox Focus browser is only a browser frame and a menu to the top-right corner.

Because the browser is in a permanent Private Browsing mode, once users close the browser, all their browser history is wiped, and they lose the previous browsing session.

This is intended behavior, as Mozilla markets this as a browser for privacy conscious users, recommending the main Firefox for Android release for users that need more features.

Furthermore, the browser also includes an ad-block-like technology that blocks ad trackers, analytics trackers, social trackers, bulky web fonts, and more. If pages aren't loading correctly, the ad blocker can be disabled from the Settings section. The browser is expected to be a hit, mainly due to its lightweight size and clutter-free graphics.

The browser can be downloaded from the official Play Store from here.

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