As of yesterday the Xbox One Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 is now available for shipping worldwide. This adapter allows you to connect up to eight wireless Xbox One controllers, and up to four chat headsets or two stereo headsets, to a Windows 10 computer.  Unfortunately, this adapter is only compatible with Windows 10 and will not work with earlier versions of Windows. Users of earlier versions are still stuck using the older Xbox 360 controller. The adapter comes as a standalone product for $24.99 or you can bundle it with an Xbox One Wireless Controller for $79.95 USD.

In order to use the wireless adapter you will need to have a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port available on your Windows 10 PC, laptop, or tablet. Once connected, you can then use the wireless Xbox controller with supported games or use it with Xbox One streaming games to your Windows 10 PC.