A new feature in Windows 10 called Sets is currently being tested in Insider builds of the upcoming Redstone 5 feature update. Sets allows different applications to be combined into one logical workspace using tabs in a single window.

With Sets, when you open a program using the "Start" command in a Command Prompt, supported application will start in a new tab in the Command Prompt window rather than as a new dedicated window for the application.

Applications in Tabs Using Sets
Applications in Tabs Using Sets

As some people may want an application started with the "Start" command to open in its own dedicated window, Microsoft has added the "/newwindow" argument to the Start command in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17677.

NewWindow Command for Start
NewWindow Command for Start

Now if a user wants to start a new application in a dedicated window from the Windows 10 Command Prompt they can use the "/newwindow" argument as shown below:

start /newwindow notepad

The above command will launch Notepad into a new window rather than in a new tab in the Command Prompt window. When testing this command, not all Sets support applications would launch properly with this argument. For example, the "start /newwindow microsoft-edge:" command, which I would have expected to launch Edge into a new window, just produced the "The system cannot execute the specified program." error.


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