Today Microsoft released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17120 for PC to insiders in the fast ring. While this release brings some bug fixes, but it's main focus is on improvements to Windows Defender Application Guard and Windows Mixed Reality.

Windows Defender Application Guard changes

Windows Defender Application Guard, or WDAG, allows Windows 10 users to run Microsoft Edge inside a walled off Hyper-V container. This protects the computer from exploit kits and malware by not making the computer's normal file system and applications accessible by Edge.

While this affords greater security, it also makes it harder for users to download files that they wish to use with their normal applications. In this build, Microsoft introduced a new group policy that allows users to download files directly to the host operating system while using WDAG.

To do this, users can go into the Group Policy Editor and navigate to the Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Defender Application Guard folder. Under the Windows Defender Application Guard folder there is a new policy called "Allow files to download and save to the host operating system from Windows Defender Application Guard".

Group Policy Editor

To enable this policy, double-click on it and select Enabled and then press OK

You will then be able to download files directly to the folders on the host computer.

Windows Mixed Reality changes

In build 17115, Microsoft offered insiders the ability to get a preview of new Windows Mixed Reality features. With this build, Microsoft wants insiders to be aware of various bugs or known issues that insiders may run into when using these features.

The known issues and bugs are:

  • We’re investigating reports of a performance regression for Windows Mixed Reality on hybrid laptops on this build.
  • In some cases, the inbox apps will fail to load inside of Windows Mixed Reality and newly placed Holograms may be empty. Restarting Windows Mixed Reality should resolve both issues.
  • Windows Mixed Reality will crash if you launch the Store from Movies & TV, and then close both apps.
  • The ambient sound in Skyloft is louder than it should be.
  • On laptops with hybrid GPUs the video doesn’t render for 360 videos rendered directly in the Edge app although you can still hear the sound.
  • The 360 viewer fails to launch from the Store app when you click on the “Launch” button after installing the 360 Viewer Edge extension. To workaround manually launch Edge and then enable the 360 Viewer extension.

Complete list of changes, improvements, and bug fixes for build 17120.

General changes, improvements, and fixes for PC

  • When a process in Task Manager is suspended, or has suspended child processes, you’ll now see an icon indicating as much in the Status column of the Processes tab.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in the UAC dialog potentially not rendering correctly in the last few flights.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in OneNote crashing when using touch to drag and drop elements in recent flights.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in the touch keyboard crashing when focus was moved to certain password fields.
  • We’ve improved the performance of Bluetooth mice when the system is under load.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in the Amharic keyboard not working in Win32 apps.

Known issues

  • There are currently no known issues for this flight (beyond the Windows Mixed Reality issues mentioned above) however if any issues are discovered based off Insider feedback, we’ll add them here.

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