One of the most requested features that Windows 10 Insiders have been asking for is the addition of tabs to File Explorer. Well yesterday, for those 22 thousand+ insiders who voted for this feature, Microsoft released insider preview build 17618 that includes tabs in File Explorer as part of its Sets feature!

Windows 10 Sets is an upcoming feature where you can group documents and apps into one tabbed window that are related to the particular task at hand. This feature was released for testing to a small controlled group of insiders in Insider Preview Build 17063 and was subsequently removed after the test.

With build 17618, Sets are back and with it come tabs in File Explorer. You can now open different folders in the same File Explorer window with each one having their own tabs. This way one File Explorer window can have a tab for the pictures folder, a tab for the documents folder, and a tab for your documents, which you can easily switch between.

Tabs in File Explorer as part of the Sets Feature

If you look closely, though, the Sets feature does more than just allow you to have different tabs for different folders, but also allows you to add applications as a tab in File Explorer. According to Microsoft, in addition to File Explorer, Notepad, Command Prompt, and Powershell are also getting tabbed support.

While this may be useful to some, I would have personally have preferred that tabs in File Explorer be limited to folders and libraries. I do not need a tab for Word or Edge in File Explorer.

Unfortunately, as I am not on the skip ahead ring, I won't be able to test this feature and see how it works. For those of you who are, please let us know your experiences and if this is the tabbed File Explorer you have been waiting for.

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