Microsoft To-Do is a free productivity app that allows you to manage your to-do list and synch it between the web, iOS, Android, and Windows devices. The Microsoft To-Do app was recently updated on Windows 10 with the star feature and today a new update is rolling out to Android and iOS versions with similar changes.

The Microsoft To-Do app on Android and iOS is getting the "Importance" feature that allows you to star tasks that you deem important. You can then sort your list of to-dos based on importance so that you make sure to get to the tasks that really need to get done.

Another new feature now available to to both Mobile platforms are collaboration features that allow you see who has added a to-do in a shared task list.

Android users also get an extra feature called Routine Reminders.  This feature allows you to configure days that Microsoft To-Do will display notifications that remind you to get tasks done on your To-Do lists.

The official change log for this mobile update is listed below:

  • You can star your most important to-dos in each list. Sort by Importance and organise your to-dos by priority.
  • Added attributions in shared lists, so you’ll be able to see who’s added and completed each to-do.

If you want to give Microsoft To-Do a try, you can download it for iOS and Android..

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