Image Courtesy: David Breyer

Microsoft's long rumored Andromeda, a dual-screen device, was allegedly pushed back to the spring of 2019 when a new OS update called Redstone 6 is supposed to launch. A report from ZDNet revealed that due to an internal shakeup within the company and software issues, Microsoft's unannounced Andromeda won't arrive this year. This was also confirmed last week by The Verge’s Tom Warren, who added that the Andromeda software is not ready yet.'s Brad Sams reports that Microsoft has shelved the devices until they can overhaul the software and hardware. Then if it is deemed to be not only ready, but also a competitive device for the market, they will release it.

"Multiple sources have told me that Microsoft plans to overhaul the software and hardware before releasing the device. At this time, the software and hardware do not create a compelling solution that would move the needle for Microsoft and more importantly the Surface brand which is why when it came to the ‘go, no go’ decision earlier this year, it was not given the green light," Brad Sams explains on

In other words, Surface Andromeda isn’t killed off and Microsoft only needs more time to work on the software (Windows Core OS) powering the device. While this could be an indication that Microsoft still wants to bring Andromeda to the market, it could all change at any moment.

Microsoft's Andromeda is a dual-screen device with a hinge that would enable support for multiple form factors, like a laptop, tablet, and phone. If everything goes as per the plan, Microsoft's next possible release of the device would be in 2019.

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