Microsoft has now officially become the third most valuable company in the world as it pushes Google's parent company Alphabet into fourth place. With Microsoft's current market cap at 766.8 billion compared to Alphabet's 766.5 billion, Microsoft is able to retain the third place spot using market prices at the time of this writing.

With Apple, currently at first, and Amazon at second place, Microsoft attributes this surge through increasing revenues from their cloud services, which includes Azure, Office 365, SQL server, and more. 

Microsoft (MSFT) Stock Chart
Microsoft (MSFT) Stock Chart
Source: CNBC

While many associate Microsoft with their Windows operating system, Microsoft has been putting more resources into other divisions, such as Cloud and AI. This is further evidenced by the reorganization of the Windows division so that resources can be allocated to more profitable divisions at Microsoft.

While analysts have also been predicting the death of PCs for years, the explosion in PC gaming may spark new life into a market dominated by Windows computers.

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