According to the reviews on the Apple App Store and Google Player store, Microsoft edge is one of the more popular mobile browsers. Recently, Microsoft's Vishnu Nath revealed that Edge browser has managed to overtake Google Chrome for Android and iOS in terms of user rating, but as there's a huge difference in terms of download count that rating may be a bit skewed.

"We just crossed a 4.4 play store rating - this passes even Chrome on Android (we already ranked ahead of Chrome on iOS too)," he said in a tweet.

To continue to make it competitive, Microsoft Edge Beta for iOS is getting a big update with a bunch of new features. These changes include the new breaking news alerts, the ability to reorganize the favorites folder, and much more.

You can find the full changelog below:

  • Users with both personal and work/school accounts that require both running simultaneously on Edge can now do so, with a toggle to keep the respective browsing histories separate.

  • Items in the Favorites folder can now be reorganized.

  • Book annotations can now be viewed by users (barring PDF free-form inking, however).

  • Users now have the option to receive breaking news alerts.

  • New 'What's new and tips' link in settings

  • New additions to the settings menu will have a blue dot next to them when unopened

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes!

You can download the new version of Microsoft Edge if you've signed up for the Apple's TestFlight. For those who are not part of the beta program, you can download regular version of Edge browser from here.

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