W10CU privacy settings selection screen

Marisa Rogers, privacy officers for Microsoft's Windows and Devices Group, says that 71% of the users who updated to the Windows 10 Creators Update in the past months have chosen to enable the "Full" diagnostics and telemetry collection settings during the upgrade process.

Her remark refers to the screen that appears before Windows 10 upgrades to the Creators Update, as pictured above.

Microsoft added the screen to the Windows 10 Creators Update upgrade process as part of a larger set of privacy protection enhancements it implemented at the behest of WP29 (Article 29 Data Protection Working Party), an EU-affiliated consumer privacy protection group.

The EU commission had warned Microsoft last year about its intrusive data collection practices.

Microsoft revealed what would be collecting from W10CU users

Microsoft responded this year by giving users the option to choose between a Basic and Full data collection setting. Microsoft also made public the type of data it would be collecting from users who select the Basic collection level, and the data collected via the Full collection level.

This was the first time in Microsoft's history when the company revealed what telemetry data it was collecting. This openness must have impressed some users, as it appears that 71% chose the Full data collection menu.

In addition to the telemetry collection option, Microsoft also introduced a web-based privacy dashboard. Rogers says that over 23 million users have visited this page. Currently, Windows 10 is installed on over 500 million devices.

Last but not least, Microsoft also teased new privacy controls for the Windows Insiders Program and announced that Windows 10 is now fully compliant with EU's upcoming GDPR legislation.