Google Chrome has been supporting push notifications for years now but it always used its own notification system in Windows 10. The search engine giant is now rolling out a new update for Chrome which adds support for native Windows 10 notifications.

By integrating support for Windows 10 notifications in the Chrome browser, the company is also bringing the application to the Action Center. That means that any notifications displayed by Chrome will now show up in the Action Center, which will allow you to have better control over them.

For example, you can use Focus Assist to snooze Chrome notifications when you're playing games or doing work.

Google Chrome also supports toast notifications that basically lets you stay up-to-date with notifications, but at this time you cannot interact with them or perform certain tasks yet.

Google Chrome is currently the most popular desktop web browser with more than 60% market share, despite Microsoft offering Microsoft Edge as the default app in Windows 10. Microsoft Edge is lagging in terms of adoption and it has less than 5 percent share despite a very aggressive push from Microsoft.

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