Last month an innovative developer created a Chrome extension called Windows Timeline Support that utilized the Microsoft Graph to insert Chrome web browsing history in the Windows 10 timeline. This is a really interesting feature that showed how you can extend an application's functionality into the Microsoft Graph and thus into Windows 10 itself.

Unfortunately, Dominic Maas, the developer of Windows Timeline Support, told BleepingComputer via Twitter that Google has removed his extension from the Chrome Web Store over a trademark infringement notice sent by AppDetex. AppDetex is a company that monitors client's trademarks and assists in taking down any violations that are detected.

Below is the email sent to Maas from Google.

Google trademark infringement email
Google trademark infringement email

Included with the complaint from Google was the original email sent by AppDetex about the infringing trademark, which in this case is the word "Windows". 

Email from AppDetex
Email from AppDetex

Personally, I think this type of behavior is disappointing as the program was clearly using the "Windows" word to to denote that it is support a Windows 10 feature rather than trying to impersonate or take advantage of Microsoft's product. Microsoft should award developers for creating innovative Windows applications instead of punishing them for simply using their trademarks.

Instead, Maas has had his very useful extension taken down by Google until a name change is approved.  His request to change the name to "Timeline Support" has been sitting in a pending status since August 3rd.

Maas hopes to have the name change of his extension approved soon.

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