Microsoft will add a new feature to OneDrive for Business that will let users create backup points and restore to previous versions of their entire OneDrive account.

The new feature is codenamed Files Restore and Microsoft says it will allow users to recover files "from disastrous events such as mass deletes, corruption, and other data loss scenarios."

OneDrive "Files Restore" is different from "Version History"

OneDrive already had a "Version History" feature that allowed users to go back to previous versions of each file, allowing users to revert edits or even recover accidentally deleted files.

The new Files Restore feature will let OneDrive users roll back their entire account —all files and folders— to a previous time and date.

Featured scheduled for December, delayed for January

Microsoft revealed it was working on such a feature at the end of September 2017, during its yearly Microsoft Ignite developer conference. Back then, it released the following screenshot of the Files Restore interface.

OneDrive for Business Files Restore

Initial plans were to have Files Restore ready by December 2017, but alas, it was not ready in time.

The feature resurfaced in the news over the weekend, when during a presentation at the SharePoint Saturday conference held in San Diego, OneDrive for Business Senior Product Manager Stephen L. Rose revealed the feature would be released in the following weeks

More details were unveiled this week. According to a Microsoft Office product roadmap, the Files Restore feature is now scheduled to arrive in the enterprise version of OneDrive by the end of this month.

While there are many scenarios where OneDrive Files Restore could be useful, the feature is a powerful tool to recover important files affected by ransomware infections.

Files Restore will not be included in the free OneDrive version that ships out with all Windows 10 operating system versions, but Microsoft recently added another feature that can help users with ransomware, called "Controlled Folder Access."

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