In one of the most bizarre things you'll see this week, a movie director stole from a grocery store where a friend was working just to prove a point about digital piracy.

The film director is Casey Tebo, who won an Emmy award in 2015 for directing ESPN’s Dream On: The Stories of Boston’s Strongest, a documentary about the lives and aftermath of Boston Marathon bombing survivors.

According to a video Tebo posted on YouTube, he resorted to such a controversial gesture after an old friend told him he saw his most recent film, a horror movie called Happy Birthday.

Mad about a friend's piracy habits

What got the director's blood boiling was that the friend had watched a pirated version that a friend brought into work, instead of buying the movie.

"This upsets me because I made a small movie," Tebo explains. "It was a $500,000 budget. People that invested in the movie have to get their money back."

So Tebo went to his old friend's workplace and "took" ingredients to make clam chowder, and left the store without paying. As expected, he was stopped by a security guard seconds after leaving the store.

The video cuts off just before Tebo returns the products, but the exchange between the two about the double standards regarding stealing physical goods and digital content is included.

The full video is available below. Strong language, viewer discretion is advised.