Shelton High School

Police in Shelton, Connecticut have arrested a teenager for launching DDoS attacks on his/her former high school's network.

According to a Shelton Police press release, the yet unnamed teenager was arrested on Thursday and was set to appear in court today.

Police say the teenager, now a former student who attended the Shelton High School, launched DDoS attacks against the school network between November and December 2015 and March and April of 2016.

Per Shelton Police Detective Richard Bango, the teenager allegedly used a mobile phone application to launch and control the DDoS attacks.

This is nothing out of the ordinary because most DDoS booter services today also provide self-standing Android or iOS apps that allow buyers to launch DDoS attacks while away from their computer.

The DDoS attacks launched by the teen caused the school's network to crash. Police have now charged the former student with computer crimes 3rd degree, which is a felony in Connecticut.

The Shelton High School was able to recover following the DDoS attacks. Further, the school has also upgraded its network infrastructure to deal with similar attacks.

During the past year, several teenagers have been arrested and charged with crimes relating to DDoS attacks on their schools.

The last case was an 18-year-old student from Pennsylvania who attacked her high-school using a similar mobile app for the BetaBooter DDoS-for-hire service.

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