At the end of this month, Nvidia will no longer be offering graphic card driver updates for 32-bit operating systems. While this is not surprising considering that all current operating systems have been distributed as 64-bit for quite some time, there are still users who are using older 32-bit versions of Windows and Linux that this will affect.

Announced on an updated support page, Nvidia has stated that no future GPU driver upgrades will be released for 32-bit operating systems. They will, though, provide critical security updates for 32-bit drivers through January 2019.

This announcement also went on to state that while existing 32-bit GeForce Experience game settings users will continue to work, all future software updates, new features, or security updates will only be available to 64-bit operating systems.

NVIDIA is making the following updates to our operating system support effective April 2018:

  • Drivers: Game Ready Driver upgrades, including performance enhancements, new features, and bug fixes, will be available only on 64-bit operating systems. Critical security updates will be provided for 32-bit operating systems through January 2019.

    This includes the following operating systems:
         Microsoft Windows 7
         Microsoft Windows 8/8.1
         Microsoft Windows 10
  • GeForce Experience: Software upgrades with new features, security updates, and bug fixes will be available only on Windows 64-bit operating systems.  Existing features and services such as optimal game settings will continue to work on Windows 32-bit operating systems.

H/T: HotHardware

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