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The U.S. Capitol Police have announced the arrest of an individual who allegedly posted the private information of U.S. senators on the Internet.

While it has not been officially confirmed, this could be related to the doxing of U.S. Senators Orrin Hatch, Mike Lee, and Lindsey Graham's on their Wikipedia pages last week during Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford hearing. During the hearing, someone modified the senator's pages to include personal information such as their home addresses and phone numbers.

According to the revision history for the senators, the modifications appeared to have been done on September 27th at around 9 PM by someone using the IP address This IP address resolves to the hostname chyron.house.gov, and based on the domain, is affiliated with the U.S. House of Representatives.

Orin Hatch Revision
Revision to Senator Orin Hatch's Wikipedia Page

The press release from the United States Capitol Police states that a 27 year old suspect named Jackson A. Cosko was arrested for Making Public Restricted Personal Information, Witness Tampering, Threats in Interstate Communications, Unauthorized Access of a Government Computer, Identity Theft, Second Degree Burglary, and Unlawful Entry.

Today, the United States Capitol Police arrested the Suspect who allegedly posted private, identifying information (doxing) about one or more United States Senators to the internet.

Jackson A. COSKO, age 27, of Washington, D.C., has initially been charged with 18 USC § 119 Making Public Restricted Personal Information; 18 USC § 1512(b)(3) (Witness Tampering); 18 USC § 875(d) (Threats in Interstate Communications); 18 USC §1030(a)(3) (Unauthorized Access of a Government Computer); 18 USC § 1028(a)(7) (Identity Theft); DC Code § 22-801(b) (Second Degree Burglary), and DC Code §22-3302 (b) (Unlawful Entry).

The investigation will continue and additional charges may be forthcoming.

According to Politico, Cosko had previously worked for Democratic Sens. Maggie Hassan of and Barbara Boxer, who are now retired. Recently, Cosko had worked for Senator Maggie Hassan until May 2018 as a “legislative correspondent/systems administrator”.

This is a developing story.

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