Would you like to play a game? That is the question that was found when a sleuthing visitor searched for the phrase "text adventure" in Google while the browser's developer tools were open.

Hidden Text Adventure in Developer's Console
Hidden Text Adventure in Developer Tools

This Easter egg let's you play a short game where you are the blue capital letter"G" and are looking for your friends, the red o, yellow o, green l, and the "always quirky" red e.

Playing the game is fairly easy. Simply use the commands "north, south, east, west, up, down, grab, why, inventory, use, help, exits, map, and friends" to navigate the map, pick up and use objects, and solve puzzles.

During the game you will need to navigate a Google campus and find your missing friends by solving puzzles. Once you find all your letter friends, and complete the word Google, the game will be completed. 

How to play Google's hidden text adventure game

To play the hidden adventure game in Google, simply follow these steps:

  • Search on Google for text adventure
  • When the search result pages open, press Ctrl+Shift+I in your browser to open the developer tools. In Chrome you can also go to Menu -> More Tools -> Developer Tools and in Firefox you can go to Menu -> Web Developer -> Web Console
  • When the developer tools open, you will be shown a screen asking if you would like to play a game. Type yes and press enter. Then follow the instructions on playing the game.

Via: Reddit

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