After many years, Google has finally released an updated version of their SEO Starter Guide. This guide is a resource for webmasters that contains Google's recommendations on how to make sure web sites are search-engine-friendly.

Like the original guide that was released in 2008 and the release of the Webmaster Academy in 2012, these guides focus more on how to structure your HTML and site in order to take advantage of various features in Google and for Google to understand your site better. This includes how to use control GoogleBot's crawling, proper use of HTML markup and meta tags, use of structured data, and layout considerations.

What is not discussed, and what I feel is the most important and challenging tip, is to create high quality and interesting content. At BleepingComputer we have paid attention to following good SEO practices, but our primary focus has always been on writing good content that is original, interesting, and different from what is found elsewhere. 

For all sites, regardless if your starting out or struggling to rank well in search engines, I highly recommend that you read this updated guide to make sure you stay current on what Google indicates is important. The new SEO Starter Guide is currently available in nine languages, which consist of English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish, and they will be adding sixteen more shortly.

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