Google engineers are testing a shortcut in the Chrome right-click context menu that will simplify the process of inserting an emoji inside a page's form fields.

The feature is already live in current Google Chrome Canary builds, and can be enabled by visiting the chrome://flags section and searching for the "Emoji Context Menu" option.

Chrome Canary flags section

Once users turn the feature on, they'll need to relaunch their browser. Users will be able to insert emojis inside form fields such as textareas and simple input fields.

To insert an emoji, users need to right click inside a form field, select the new "Emoji" option right at the top, and then choose the emoji they want to insert.

Chrome emoji support

Chrome emoji support

Currently, the right-click menu emoji inserter appears to work only on Mac systems, but the Chrome flags page claims the feature will be eventually made available for all four major operating systems, including Chrome OS, Linux, and Windows alike.

Since Chrome Canary is a build destined for live feature testing, it will take at least 2-3 more versions —if not more— until this feature reaches a Chrome stable version.

In the meantime, users who like to spice up their texting with emojis can rely either on third-party apps, or use the Windows Touch Keyboard app on Windows, or the Command+Control+Space shortcut on Macs to insert emojis in their browsers.

The right-click menu option is not needed for Chrome mobile since all keyboards on most mobile devices come with a special button for inserting all the emojis' a user's heart desires.

Image credits: Adrienne Porter Felt

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