For those looking for a little fun to wind down their weekend, Star Wars Battlefront is now in open beta between October 8 and October 12 and anyone can join in the action. Star Wars Battlefront is a multiplayer game that allows you take part in battles on some of most well-known worlds in the Star Wars universe. The beta is limited to three game modes that include the 40 player Walker Assault on Hoth, 8v8 Drop Zone on Sullust, and the single or co-op Survival Mission on Tatooine.  For those who like combat chaos and the Star Wars universe, this game is a lot of fun and definitely worth trying during its free open beta.

The Survival Mission on Tatooine is a single player or co-op game where you play as a Rebel soldier and need to fight off increasingly more difficult waves of Imperial forces.  During the waves you can find power ups that provide extra protection or weapons that can help you survive. In its current state, this mode feels more like a tutorial rather than something you would want to play over and over. As there will be different difficulty modes in the future, it may make this map more challenging.


Survival Mission on Tatooine

Survival Mission on Tatooine


In Drop Zone on Sullust you take part in a 8 vs 8 battle to claim and defend escape pods.  During this game mode, escape pods will crash land and your team will be required to claim and defend them for as long as you can. The team that has claimed and defended the most amounts of escape pods by the end of the game will be the victor.  




 Drop Zone on Sullust 

Walker Assault on Hoth is the largest game mode available during the beta and takes place on the frozen world of Hoth. In this mode the Imperial forces use AT-ATs (Walkers) to mop up the rebel forces. The underpowered Rebels, though, must capture uplink stations that can be used to summon rebel bombers to destroy the walkers.  Though it feels that the Imperials have the upper hand on this map, it's a lot of fun with chaotic battles. 


If you have the time and want to relax with a good game for the today and tomorrow, then Star Wars Battlefront is definitely worth trying.