Apple is reportedly planning on ditching Intel and instead use their own chips in Mac computers beginning in 2020. This new initiative is called "Kalamata" and its goal is to make all Apple devices, including mobile and PCs, use the same chips for greater compatibility according to a new report by Bloomberg.

Apple had been using the PowerPC CPU platform prior to 2006, when it made the switch to Intel processors. According to Bloomberg, Apple's use of Intel CPUs provides about 5% of Intel's revenue. Switching to another processor, would obviously incur a big hit on Intel's profits. The release of this news has caused Intel's stock price to drop 6% at the time of this article.

Bloomberg stated that this move would allow all Apple devices to run under a single platform. This would allow them to release new processors when they need them rather than waiting on Intel to be ready. Furthermore, this could allow them to add new features directly into the CPUs that would allow Apple devices stand out on their own.

Apple is also working on a new platform, code-named "Marzipan", that would allow iOS apps to run on macOS. By using the same CPU architecture on all devices, it would make the development of this new platform much easier as they would not have to create emulators that run on Intel chips.

Bleeping Computer has reached out to Apple, but they have declined to comment.

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