Browser Hijacking
Also known as Hijacked, Hijacking
Definition Browser Hijacking refers to a piece of software that is installed on your computer and that overrides the default functionality of your web browser. It does this without your permission and tends to be very difficult to remove.
Some of the ways that these software hijack your computer is as follows:
  • You go to and search for a keyword.  Instead of getting the results from Google, you will instead be taken to the hijackers search engine where they make money from their advertises.
  • Your browsers home page is overriden, and you are brought automatically to the hijackers website.
  • You click to go to a online shopping site for printer ink cartridges, and instead of going to the site you wanted to, you are instead brought to an advertises of the hijackers site. 
Popular tools that can remove these types of programs are SpyBot, Hijack This, and Cool Web Shredder. Links to these tools can be found in the Resources section of this site.
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