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Minimum Wage Up To 7.25$

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10 replies to this topic

#1 Klinkaroo


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Posted 10 January 2007 - 07:20 PM

Haven't had time to really read it to know when this comes into effect.


I don't actually live in the united states but I watched an Opera show once (had nothing else to do...) and they showed people who have to live off of minimum wage and their is also the guy that did Super Size Me who did a documentary on it too.

Here in canada minimum wage is 7.75 an hour (In the Province of Quebec) wich isn't all that bad... but we are Canadian currency...

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#2 stevealmighty


    Bleepin' WormBreath

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Posted 10 January 2007 - 09:06 PM

Well, it's good and it's bad that's it been raised again.

It's good because, hey, everyone likes to make more money.

It's bad because then everyone else has to pay more for everything when store owners raise their prices to help pay for the increase in minimum wage; this is the 2nd raise in minimum wage in a short time; employees that have worked for just a short time (a year or so) and got a raise, are now making minimum wage again, while employees that have been there (example) 2 or 3 years and had 3 raises are only making .25 more than some one who just started at the new high minimum wage.

I'm all for more money, but I think that this raise should've been held of for another year or 3.
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#3 boopme


    To Insanity and Beyond

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Posted 10 January 2007 - 09:56 PM

Here in NJ/NY the state min wage is already 7.15 as of Jan.1 '07
I believe the new Fed rate of 7.25 starts 1/15/07
Here's a state by state chart
Because the cost of living varies so much, $7.25 will buy a lot more in some cities than it will in others. And in some staes moving up from 5.15 will make things costlier yet will net workers 80.00 a week. And of course more tax $$ for the new congress to spend.

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#4 MaraM


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Posted 10 January 2007 - 11:34 PM

Here in British Columbia the general minimum wage is $8 per hour... the The First Job/Entry Level minimum wage is $6 per hour. (This only applies to employees with no paid work experience and fter they have worked for a total of 500 hours with one or more employers, these employees are entitled to the regular minimum wage rate). Also minimum wage for live-in home support workers for each day or part of a day worked is $80.

Guess it sounds like a lot but many of the larger stores long ago started what they refer to as 'full time/part time" - and those employees who once worked 40 hours a week with full benefits are now working part-time with no benefits.

When placed in comparison with the average price of a detached house is Vancouver being $699,000.00 (and three out of every 10 homes in Vancouver are now listed for more than a million dollars - eep!) and the median household income being $57,926.00 - well, think it would take more than 12 years of saving every penny of the median household income to buy a midrange house.

And on minimum wage, honestly not sure how anyone could afford to rent, let alone ever dream of buying a home. I do understand that when wages rise, costs rise - but I suspect there are far more 'poverty level' families in our province than the governement ever admits to.
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#5 cowsgonemadd3


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Posted 11 January 2007 - 12:51 AM

This could put some small businesses out or make them lay people off. Besides raising the product rates.

How about just making things cheaper instead of ripping everyone off.

Stuff we buy was made in china for prob for instance a cell phone we pay 200 bucks for cost just 20 bucks to make counting the shipping and packing cost from china to the usa. But thats another topic itself about jobs going over seas and us paying to much for stuff.

#6 Pandy



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Posted 11 January 2007 - 08:29 AM

Yes now my employer will not feel obligated to me to give me a raise because of this minimum wage increase. So now a raise I feel I have earned since I have been working for this employer will not be given because of something I had nothing to do with and I did not earn myself. What I HAVE earned myself is going to be denied me. I am glad to have a little extra in my paycheck each week, but I feel it is unfair to deny me a raise I earned working my fanny off for this employer. Of course I have a lot of nerve complaining, there are others that have worked there longer than I who have not gotten a raise because of these last minimum wage increases. My employer has hid behind them to deny my coworkers their raises too. I think this is totally unfair of him. I will be putting my name in other places I expect. I feel that this wage increase balances out with the raises he felt he did not have to pay out to deserving employees. I don't feel sorry for him a bit. OMG his business is a million dollar business AT LEAST!

Hmm deserving employees. Did I say that? I may need to be corrected on that. There are some employees there that only do what they have to. They don't do anything extra. They don't feel they should have to or are too lazy. I see shirking ALL THE TIME! Maybe if he gave us a modicum of respect some of these employees would try harder for him. I know I would not feel resentment towards him and do a better job for him, just to please him.. but why bother to extend yourself if it will not be recognized or earn you a raise. What is there to strive for then?

I work my tail off for this employer for NO benefits and part time. Sometimes it is so busy I don't get a break. My arm hurts alot now since I started working there. I guess the job I do does not deserve benefits of any kind from him. I'm the type of person who wants to do a good job but I'm doing it coming to the realization that I am not appreciated or rewarded in any way. There are only select people that get a raise there or get full time. Meat cutters and department managers get the most (I work in a grocery store). They deserve it but don't wonder why you have such a huge turnover with your minimum wage workers. Actually he doesn't care. It's worth it to him just to hire someone new.

OK thank you all for listening to Pandy rant. I appreciate it very much. I shall climb down from my soap box now, quit whining and put my name in at other places and see what happens *wink*

After all.. if I stay there and put up with it then I can't complain too much can I?

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    "Bleepin' Aussie Addict"

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Posted 11 January 2007 - 10:06 AM

That wasn't a rant Pandy at all.In fact very well said from an employees point of view.I think your biggest gripe is that your boss hasn't came up to you personally and told you he appreciates the extra effort you have put in, when in my mind he should have at some stage.
Having Owned Companies(not bragging)an employer has to appear tough otherwise the employees will walk straight over the top of you,and most of them are thinking (how much can we get out of this sucker) Boss.
It's a never ending game of psychology on the bosses part to run a tight ship,as they say.
It's OK the think your boss is making millions,but you are not privy to the Debit and Credit books.Remember while you are home with your feet up after mealtime, your boss normally is still at work making sure all is successful so you all have employment.Don't you think for one moment your boss would like to be home with his family also.Remember A job is better than No job.
When I started out,as an employer I was too soft and had to learn to appear tough.I started all new employees above the award rate which they were entitled to,and adjusted it after the probationary 3 months.
I would give one a raise and within no time their work mates were at my office door questioning me as to why I gave such and such a raise and not them.It started to get out of control.I had to put the brakes on this behavior quickly.In the end I called them all into my office together and told them bluntly.Don't anyone of you dare ask me for a raise when you are all on above award wages now.If I think you are worth a raise I will tell you,but don't ever ask me again.I said, never think for one second you are not replaceable.That fixed the problem,and maybe Pandy your boss doesn't want to go through the same crap as I did.
Over here anyway,an hourly rate rise is not a true wage rise.It is merely a rise decided upon to keep up with the cost of living,so in reality you are no better off.
For years I worked for bosses.Some were great and some were the biggest pigs God ever put breath into.
If your not happy,make arrangements to move on. :thumbsup: Thats my rant.

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#8 cowsgonemadd3


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Posted 11 January 2007 - 12:25 PM

Well its going to take up to 26 months to put this in play so it wont be instant at least not for all of us.

My job varies since I work on our farm. I get at least 10 bucks a hour sometimes more. It varies on how long it takes to get the job done. I think its about to go up as we might cut back another half and hour off the job by doing something different. But my pay is not affected by this new law because we just help for a certain amount because its our farm.

7.25 for working at a burger place sounds nice though. Will they just raise the rates on everything to compensate and everybody still gets stuck in the same position or will this actually help people?

#9 ddeerrff



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Posted 11 January 2007 - 01:40 PM

Will they just raise the rates on everything to compensate and everybody still gets stuck in the same position or will this actually help people?

Well, a business could just up the wages of anyone currently under 7.25 - but that would have the affect of demoralizing those that worked hard to get up to 7.25 or above.

Or they could bump everyone up the same amount to get the bottom of the scale at 7.25. That would either require the emplorer to raise prices - and perhaps become less competitive - or reduce the work force.

#10 TheTerrorist_75


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Posted 11 January 2007 - 02:22 PM

I hear you Pandy. Many of the employers in our part of NY don't care about employee raises due to the BS part time crap that has invaded this country. There are far too many Temp outfits placing people in jobs. Many of these people are working two and three different jobs just to survive. For every worker who feels unappreciated and quits there are 5 who are hungry to fill that persons place.The employers are pocketing extra cash by not hiring full time therefore saving money by not paying healthcare (which drives up the Medicaid costs to the county > read taxpayer) or overtime. When I ran the bar all of the employees were paid more than the minimum. Other bar owners got upset because of this. The biggest downside to business owners in NY are not the wages paid (after all a good worker should be rewarded), but utility bills, state taxes and fees, compensation insurance costs plus many other unfunded mandates enacted by the government (which increases tax rates).
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#11 yano


    I can see what you post!

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Posted 15 February 2007 - 01:40 PM

I'm glad to see minimum wage go up. However, my pay still isn't affected, even though Ohio's minimum wage just went up to 6.80.

I still get paid $6.00 and hour (plus commission), only thing Sears is required to do is this: if my commission + hourly rate at the end of the week don't add up above what I would make for 7.50 (excluding commission) they are obligated to pay the difference.

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